AcroYoga Foundations and Drills class

Written 12/09/2018 bySarah and Martin Moesgaard
02/09/2018 kl. 17:00 – 20:00
Springcenter Aarhus
Hvidkildevej 11
8240 Risskov
130 dkk drop in, 800 dkk for 7 classes, 1400 dkk for 14 classes
Sarah and Martin Moesgaard

Acroyoga, as we practice it, is a form that blends philosophies and movement from yoga, acrobatics, contact improvisation, dance, thai bodywork, and mindfulness. We address issues of trust, team-work, cooperation, playing with the edge of the comfort zone, self-reliance, voicing our needs, listening inward and outward, flexibility, and we definitely get a GREAT workout and HAVE BIG FUN!

– Game-, yoga-, or dance-based warm ups.
– Akro-conditioning, technique drills & handstand training.
– Poses and flows with fundamental theories of partner work.
– Acroyoga Montreal-style guided creative processing.
– A jam (open practice) time.
– Restorative time.

We meet for 14 weeks (2 Sept – 9 Dec) in the first floor studio at the Aarhus Springcenter in Risskov. (*NO CLASS week 46, 18 November*) Join class any time. You don’t need a partner, any equipment, or any experience. This is a multilevel class. Beginners are supported in establishing a strong foundation and good technique, while more experienced practitioners are given more challenges and more subtle details to consider. Instruction is given for the fist two hours, then open practice/ jam time for the last hour.

Pricing and Registration:
WHOLE SERIES (14 classes) 1400 dkk
HALF SERIES (any 7 classes) 800 dkk
DROP IN (pay per class) 130 dkk
To register, make a mobile payment to 26 33 97 88 and then email us to confirm that we have received your payment and associated it with your name:

For more info on akroyoga or the instructors, visit our website , find the events on our facebook page: TrainMovePlay, or email us with any questions at

Sarah and Martin Moesgaard

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  • See the FAQs  on our website for more specific info about what to expect at your first class.