Sunday evening with the association Akroyoga København

09/09/2018 @ 16:00 – 18:00
Bernhard Bangs Alle 43

The association Akroyoga København welcomes you every Sunday at 16.00 in Hermeshallen (Steenwinkelsvej 19, 1966 frb.).
You will have a choice of
★ Beginner/intermediate level class 16.00-18.00.
★ Open jam 16.00-20.00.
★Community Potluck dinner every first Sunday of the month (Bring a dish and cutlery if you want to join)
★ You can join the class for intermediate and beginners for 40 kroner for members or 60 kroner for non-members (cash or Mobile Pay to 44463). You can try three trainings before joining the association.
★ Join the association by signing up here: It is simple and costs only 100 kroner for the rest of 2022.
★ In order to participate in the jam, you need to some experience with acroyoga, so as to be able to practice safely. You must also be a member of the association.
★ Read more about acroyoga and your options for training at
No need to bring a personal training partner.
We hope to see you on Sunday!
Best regards from Akroyoga København