Teachers in Denmark

Camilla Mia

I love to try out new things and have fun whilst challenging myself. I think acroyoga is fantastic because it’s such a diverse movement practice. In acroyoga we challenge ourselves in so many ways. Our balance, strength, flexibility, trust, presence, and body awareness is developed in a safe and intimate community.

In my teaching I try to create a space where everyone is met where they are. Where there is an emphasis on cooperation, play, and communication, and where everyone can expand their comfort zone at their own pace.


Emil Ingemann Berg Nielsen

I love creating community. Throughout my youth, I have been an enthusiast in a multitude of voluntary associations, clubs, committees and so on. It was therefore natural for me to take the lead in gathering and developing the Akroyog family in Copenhagen by establishing and co-managing the Akroyoga Copenhagen association.

I have taught in Akroyoga since 2014, and I enjoy seeing participants be excited to cooperate, learn and explore what they can achieve in the community that the training forms the framework around.

You are always welcome to contact me emil@akro.dk +45 61339306 https://www.facebook.com/lime89


Iris Weidema

Acro Yoga for me, is a wonderful way to build community because it creates a space for play and teamwork. As a teacher I enjoy sharing my passion for Acro Yoga and to experience the excitement at laughs of the participants both during success experiences but also when they struggle together.

I love Acro Yoga because it involves many diverse movement patterns. It is wonderful to feel strong as a base and at the same time light and flexible as a flyer. And additionally, you are challenged by balance, communication and building trust so that you don’t even realise that you are “training”. When I practise Acro myself I love to get nerdy about flows until they become fluent and the movement of both base and flyer come together.

I have taught Acro Yoga since 2018 and am certified after a month of Teacher Training with ParterAcrobatics.com. I teach two regular weekly classes, drop-in classes, workshops and at bachelor parties.

You are always welcome to contact me at:




Julie Hendel Astrup

I love to move. I love challenging my body. I love to play. Some of what I love most about acroyoga is the feeling of fluid flow, the moment when a movement suddenly makes sense. The acroyoga practice is fantastic because of the diversity for our bodies. The strength of basing, the balance of flying, the communication and ability to compromise in a group together, and the total surrender in the lunar restorative aspect. I love to share my passion for acroyoga with others and see people experience the same inspiration and admiration I have felt.

I’ve taught acroyoga since 2013, primarily with Peter Hunter (see below), in regular classes, workshops, polterabends and retreats in DK and internationally. See more on facebook.com/HendelHunter/ and peterhunter.dk/teaching.

You are welcome to write me at julie_hendel@hotmail.com

Weekly classes: Wednesday in KSI, beginners and intermediate: usg.dk/tilmelding/akroyoga/hold/ Mondays, advanced: facebook.com/events/178573772811490/


Jørn Villesen Christensen

Jørn Christensen was introduced to acroyoga at Move Copenhagen 2013 and it has since then taken over his life. August 2017 he quit his job as a Software Architect to be able to devote more of his time to acroyoga, acrobatics, and contact improvisation. He is a certified teacher from Partner Acrobatics (August 2017) and Acroyoga Montreal (April 2018).

Acroyoga is all about play and having fun. Sure, it takes training and (sometimes) hard work, but if a move or transition feels like a struggle, then something is wrong. Acroyoga is working together, not against each-other. When your practice (you and your partner) come together, and a hard move suddenly feels like the ease of play, that is where the magic happens. That and, of course, all the times we fall together, laughing 🙂

Posts by Jørn Villesen:

Nicolas Sibani

Acroyoga and Thai massage are my passions, and I have practiced both since 2012, professionally since 2016.

For me, AcroYoga is about exploration of movement, finding those special moments when something magical comes out of nothing. AcroYoga is not just a movement practice - it's a mindset and a culture. Teaching AcroYoga is to share the movement, culture, and mindset, helping each other to grow as people and a community.

I offer classes, massage, and a variety of events. Please feel free to contact me to hear more!

Telephone: +45 20478283


Peter Hunter

The source of inner, personal freedom lies in a conscious relationship with our own body. That’s why my biggest goal as a teacher of movement is to contribute to your perceived freedom through your body. I especially try to share the joy and creativity I myself have enjoyed and continue to enjoy through acrobatics and acroyoga.

I’ve practiced and taught in the lovely CPH acroyoga community and a couple different places in Europe. I teach primarily with Julie Hendel (see above), with whom I’ve shared a practice since we first met each other at an acroyoga class with Line Bangsbo and Jeppe Skovgaard.

I’ve had many teachers, incl. partneracrobatics.com, but I think the most important thing to say is, that I come with a lot of humility to both the teacher and student role. I see myself as a student (and most often a beginner) of all partner acrobatics, even though I feel more and more at home in the role of teacher. I still practice meeting people and their needs where they are, and not anywhere else. And I live what I preach, otherwise come poke me sharply. (!)

Please write to me at peterhunter.dk@protonmail.com or find me in rort.dk, where I also teach.


Rolf Meier

Movement has always been a great part of my expression and through the years I have tried many different types of movement. My meeting with acroyoga in 2013 still made a particular impact and I immediate fell for this playful type of movement.

I participate in OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) on a high level. Both acroyoga and OCR gave the possibility to be nerdy about many and versatile technical aspects. Besides I am fascinated by the communicative aspect in acroyoga and been writing about the subject (http://akro.dk/kommunikation).

I was a part of the formation of Akroyoga Odense and were as teacher a part of the development in Akroyoga Odense the first years of the organisation.

As a physiotherapist I have interest in the human anatomy and the biomechanics in acroyoga. But in my perspective acroyoga is primary about nice time together based on sounds values. Inclusion, availability and shared responsibility are values I cherish in Acroyoga Copenhagen.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rolf.a.meier

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rolfameier


Sarah and Martin Moesgaard

"Our mission is manifesting an equitable, democratic, and free society, by guiding opportunities, through movement, for people to get out of their comfort zones, communicate, and connect."

When we met in 2014, one of our first discussions was about something we both wanted to try called “AcroYoga.” We found a few locals with some knowledge (Thanks Elizabeth and Benny for our very first jam!), took a few train-cation road-trips, and experienced various styles. With Martin’s passion for ‘seeking balance’ and Sarah's love of all things 'flow,' we inevitably landed at AcroYoga Montreal, where we found a movement vocabulary that synthesizes our favorite things. In 2016, we completed both Levels 1 & 2 of the AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training and humbly give thanks and honor to Jesse Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Jill Campbell, and Heidi Blais for teaching us just how much we had to learn! Since then, we have been grabbing up opportunities to train and play with some of the most inspiring people in the world (whose links you can find on the Resources page of our website.)

Martin's movement background began with gymnastics and tumbling. Later, he developed an interest in parkour, slackline, movement culture, and other creative methods of physical training. He earned a Master's degree in Idræt (Exercise and Sports Science) and has taught gymnastics, exercise science, wellness, pedagogy and more on three continents...so far. He is passionate about discovering, analyzing, and discussing the details and connections around various Movement forms.

Sarah loves studying the many facets of intelligent movement and mind-body-society connectivity. She began as a dancer, earned a Master’s degree in Choreography, and then started the real education of teaching modern dance, ballet, yoga, pilates, and improvisational movement at studios, preschools, and colleges/universities in the US and Denmark. Along the way, new modalities of bodywork and mindful moving keep finding her. Sarah is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and Pilates Method Alliance certified mat instructor.

In 2016 Sarah and Martin both completed training in Thai Bodywork with Roy and Brenda Johnson of Lion and Dragon Yoga in the USA. We routinely include Thai Bodywork trades as part of akroyoga class and offer private Thai Bodywork therapeutic sessions. (See the Thai Bodywork page of our website for more info or to schedule a session.)

Currently, in addition to day jobs teaching Exercise and Sport science at Ålborg University and continually researching our next adventure, we present movement classes and workshops and are working alongside lots of fabulous people to grow the acroyoga community of central Jutland. We draw from our broad understanding of movement to design classes with specific goals and themes like, 'trusting yourself and others,' 'non-verbal communication,' and 'movements of the spine.'


Simon Christian Larsen

I believe we should get better at playing and getting close to each other. Through my acroyoga teaching I’m creating a playful environment focusing on cooperation, intimacy and body awareness.

I’ve taught acroyoga in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, USA and now I’m teaching in Denmark.


Tatjana t'Felt

Tatjana has been teaching yoga, movements and dance for many years. She is a certified AcroYoga teacher by AcroYoga International.

Becoming a mother, she devoted her classes and interest to kids. She has been teaching kids and parents classes in capoeira and gymnastic. She co-founded the Family AcroYoga teacher training.

Tatjana lived 4 years in Brussels where she is organising the Belgium KULA and the AcroYoga Summer festival Belgium.

Tatjana has been co-teaching workshops and classes with Marie Marecaux since 2015.

Tatjana is now teaching regular classes in Copenhagen together with Emil.

Contact: tatjana.tfelt@gmail.com